"Dance is an Agent of Transformation!"


My wife and I started taking ballroom dance lessons one week after our last child headed off to college.  It was a timely and impactful transition.  Dancing brought us together in whole new ways at a very critical moment in our 26 years of marriage and 30-plus years of dating!  We learned how to love, laugh and work together all over again in fun, sometimes frustrating but always intimate ways!  It truly revived, stretched and transformed us!  That would have been good enough but Ballroom Dancing has transformed our social life as well.  Over the years we just forgot how much fun we both loved to dance.  Now, my wife and I often transform parties by getting everyone up and dancing.  From the annual Holiday Party at work to our (many) family events, we are always leading the way in ballroom dance and Arthur Murray of Danbury gave us the skill and confidence to do that!  We also make it a point to dance when we travel the world. One very memorable opportunity happened in St. Mark’s square in Venice.  There was an outdoor orchestra playing to a large dinner crowd with a much larger group of onlookers standing behind them.  The moment was so romantic we simply could not resist the opportunity and finding enough courage we started ballroom dancing far in the back of the audience.  Before you knew it, there were couples all over the square ballroom dancing to the music.  At the height of that moment the conductor looked directly at us, smiled, and gave us the “thumbs up”.  There were so many couples dancing after that point that someone shouted, “it’s a flash dance”.  It was an incredible “shared” moment in Dance with the conductor and couples from all over the world! We want to thank our teachers and Arthur Murray of Danbury for making such an incredible moment like that possible.  We love our teachers and our studio!  With so many more wonderful moments like this and many more memories to come, we are grateful and excited about our future in Dance!





Paul DiMarco

Couple gets more than just dance lessons!

My husband and I have been taking dance lessons for almost one year. We started incorporating split lessons for the past 4 months and have noticed a significant improvement in our connection as a couple. Tara has been helping Glenn with his leadership skills and Andy has been working on my following technique. We are extremely pleased with our dancing progress and highly encourage other couples to explore this added feature at the dance studio. 

"A Welcome Escape to a Happy Atmosphere!"

"To All the Wonderful Staff at Arthur Murray - 

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, & true sense of spirit & caring you promote at the studio. Your work with my dancing not only provides the obvious benefits of exercise, fun, & a welcome escape to a happy atmosphere, but also inspires my creativity & motivation; lifts my spirits to strive towards better things. Thank you for that & all that you do."



"The Wrong Number that Changed Our Lives!"

One afternoon, Deborah answered the phone and the caller said, “Congratulations you have won two free dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Danbury”. Now Deborah thinks ‘wow, this is great’ because she had been thinking that we should take lessons as a shared hobby. Then the caller asks, “When would you like to schedule your lessons, Mrs. Murphy?” Deborah tells the caller, “you must have the wrong number, I am not Mrs. Murphy”. Now Deborah knows the caller must have missed-dialed since her number was unlisted. The caller than tells her it was okay, she would award her the two free lessons anyway and we have been dancing at Arthur Murray’s ever since.

We have been taking lessons for years now and the experience has been nothing but fantastic. We have gotten so much more out of our dance experience than I could have ever imagined. Physical and mental exercise, meeting and making new friends, friendly competition, and probably the most rewarding aspect, it is something we can enjoy together as a couple.

The instructors are all extremely talented, friendly and courteous. Our instructors design and tailor our private lessons to the goals we set to achieve from our dancing. In our case, we like to go to area dance contests to compete against other Arthur Murray Studio Student’s throughout Connecticut and New York. However, if your goal is just to look good on the social dance floor or at an upcoming wedding or event, your instructor will design your lessons accordingly.

Deborah and I would like to thank the entire staff at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Danbury for a great experience and dance in the past, present, and hopefully for a long time to come in the future. It has brought us closer together as a couple in more ways than one. But that is a long story for another time and place.

We will never know if the call was a mistake, a missed dialed number, fate, divine intervention or just plain luck. But what we do know beyond a show of a doubt, it was all good.



Bryan H. Hocking

"Ode to Arthur Murray"

Do you long to dance

like Ginger and Fred,

but the thought of a dance floor

just fills you with dread?


Banish that fear

right out of your head

and learn to Cha Cha

and Tango instead!


But where you say

can this all be done,

where can this skill

ever be won?

At Arthur Murray

you'll have so much fun

and come out like a dance star

in sequins and bows

with Rythym and styling

right down to your toes!


Take a step in the right direction

and make the Arthur Murray Connection.


(This Ode was concieved by and fully approved by Diane Hunt)